About the Artist


Penny Pollock, an encaustic artist who chose this medium to bring together her history of working in fashion with textiles and shapes through the combining of materials and colors to produce clothing and accessories for name brand lines.


Her fascination with indigenous cultures lead her to travel the world collecting bits and pieces of tribal art created by the Maasai of East Africa, to the Berber tribes of the Sahara, to the woven and embroidered fabrics of India and Bhutan. Her collection of exotic jewelry, artifacts, relics, and spiritual talismans are ever present themes in her work.


The elements of Encaustic art are beeswax, paint pigments, and tree resin developed by the ancient Greeks with some surviving paintings hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, from 2500 years ago. Pollock’s use of this ancient method of painting started as a fascination with the technique and quickly became a tool in which she could infuse antique book pages, dried botanicals and fine pieces of cloth woven into her art .

“Cherish all I see, feel, touch, taste,
smell and experience ...for it is all a gift
...the mess and the goodness."